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The 14th edition of Brtonigla trek will be held on Saturday 17.02.2024.
Start for Ultra and Challenger categories is a secret for now while Fun&Run category, like always, starts from Brtonigla. 
See you in February! :) 

List of applicants  

Brtonigla Adventure Trek 2024
Type: trekking
Place: Brtonigla
Date: 17.02.2024.
Area: area of town Brtonigla
Categories: Ultra (about 45-50 km), Challenger (about 25 km), Fun&Run (10-12km)
Start time: Ultra at 09:00, Challenger 10:00 and Fun&Run at 11:00
Start: Ultra category - from Karojba, Challenger - from Brtonigla, Fun&Run category - from Brtonigla
Bus departure for Ultra category: 8:10 from Brtonigla
Duration: Ultra 7-12h, Challenger 3-5h, Fun&Run 1-3h
Entry fees: Ultra 25eur, Challenger 25eur, Fun&Run 15eur
Entry fee includes:
- Organization of the race
- Mountain rescue or doctor
- meal
- A t-shirt or a bag 
- Competitive board
- Instructions for the race (checkpoints)
- Map of the race
Ultra - the first, the second and the third place in men's and women's category: medals, sponsors' prizes
Challenger - the first, the second and the third place in men's and women's category: medals, sponsors' prizes
Fun and Run - the first, the second and the third place in men's and women's category: medals, sponsors' prizes
Required equipment (Challenger and Ultra category):
- Compass
- headlamp
- mobile phone
- First aid kit and space blanket
- Whistle
All accomodations could be find on the official web sites of our sponsors.
Entry fees: Ultra 25eur, Challenger 25eur, Fun&Run 15eur..
For all those who want a T-shirt / bag, the registration/payment are open until 06.02.2024., and for all other registrations/payments they are open until 12.02.2024..Foreign competitors can pay the entry fee on the spot. 
Data payment:
52000 Pazin
IBAN: HR5223800061147004537
OIB: HR64416623108
For further information please contact us: Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spambota. Potrebno je omogućiti JavaScript da je vidite.
More about race:
Trekking race is a trail run race with elements of orientation. It is very popular in Croatia and Slovenia! The configuration of terrain is as same as for the trail run race, except for the lane that is not market. There are only control points marked on the map. A competitor receives a map with control points and chooses by himself the fastest way to reach them. In principle, orientation is very simple!
The race is divided into three categories (according to difficulty):
1) Fun and Run category: 10-12 km - is a category designed for walkers, beginners, families and recreational runners who have decided to enjoy the nature for 1-2 hours, but athletes whose intention is to do a great training on cross country and trail run fields as quickly as possible, can also try their hand at this category! Orientation is completely simple; the path is marked by hiking markings, ribbons and arrows so that this category has no mandatory equipment such as a map, a compass, a cell phone, etc. A competitor carries refreshment (if necessary). A competitor must folow a marked path of the race! All others solutions are forbiden!
2) Challenger category: approximately 25 km - this category is designed for all lovers of nature, trackers, hikers, nordic walkers, athletes and trail runners! It lasts 3-5 hours depending on competitor's physical ability. Any active or recreational hiker who once a week walks for couple of hours can successfully end up this race!
Orientation is simple! The route of the race will be posted on our website one day before the race. A competitor carries water and food with him. 
3) Ultra category- approximately 45-50km km is a category designed for trained and experienced trail runners, athletes, adventure runners as well as for mountaineers, and recreational athletes and sports who are looking for a challenge and examining the limits of their capabilities! Estimated duration of the race is from 7 to 12h!
The race has its own limits on certain control points in the second stage of the race so that those who remain behind are taken to the shortened version of the race which allows them to finish the race at the estimated time! At some control points orientation allows competitors to choose between two or more lanes or to shorten the route which reduces or increases the time spent in the race! In such situations, a competitor who is less oriented won't get lost but will only go slower. A competitor carries water and food with him.
FUN & RUN - run in the direction of the arrows. The trail is 10.5 km long.
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