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12 -13/05/2018 will take place the third edition of Lim Bay Challenge adventure race. 
On the first day (Saturday, 12.05.2018.) we are going with classic adventure race, which this year will mostly go through new areas compared to last year. Ultra category will be 60 kilometers long while the Light category will be shorter and adapted to recreational runners and will be 30 km long. Ultra category will start from one place in the central Istria and runners will be transported on the starting position by bus. Light category is starting from resort Belvedere. Competitors in the race can expect a lot of challenges, in the Vrsar and Rovinj archipelago and the Lim Fjord and its hinterland, interesting city and mtb orientation, abseil and many other things.
On the second day (Sunday, 13.05.2018.) For trekking fans on the schedule is classic trek, which consists of two categories: Challenger 25 km and Fun & Run 10 km. For this race the competitors will be able to experience the most interesting regions of the hinterland of Vrsar and Lim Bay. You can also participate in Family Run (2 members in team, child/parent) in a treasure hunt spirit on 1km course.
We invite all lovers of adventure to come from 12/05/ - 13/05/2018 to the resort Belvedere to feel and learn about the wonders of western Istria and its hinterlands.
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Event Date:

Saturday 12/05/2017 -Adventure race : Ultra and Light categories

Sunday 13/05/2017 - Treking :   - Challenger

                                                     - Fun&Run

                                                     - Family run - mini orienteering (two members team, child/parent on 1km course) 
                                                       3 children categories: a) preschool children, b) 1 - 4 grade, c) 5 -8 grade

Start : For Ultra categorie start will take place in one town in the midle of Istria, for other categories - resort Belvedere (near Vrsar)

Finish: resort Belvedere

Disciplines: mtb, mtb orienteering, trekking, urban orienteering, kayaking, abseil, coastering

Length Categories:
LIGHT 30 km - mtb, mtb orienteering, trekking, urban orienteering, kayaking, coastering
ULTRA 60 km - mtb, mtb orienteering , trekking, urban orienteering, kayak¸ing, zip line, coastering
CHALLENGER 25 km - trekking
FUN&RUN 10km - treking

ULTRA, LIGHT: absolutely, female/mix
Mountaineering, Fun&Run : male, female

Sponsor awards for the first three teams / individual in all categories.

Registration are opened until 03/05/2018


Entry fees:

1. If you make your payment via bank transfer from Croatia:
- Ultra 500,00 kn (400,00 kn for teams with kayaks )
- Light 400,00 kn (300,00 kn for teams with kayaks )
- Challenger 125,00 kn
- Fun & Run 80,00 kn
- Family race FREE

2. If you choose to pay via Paypal:

- Ultra  70€ (56€ for teams with kayaks)
- Light  56€ (42€ za for teams with kayaks)
- Challenger 19€
- Fun & Run 13€
- Family race FREE

3. If you make your payment via bank transfer, out of Croatia, the fees are increased by the banking commission

- Ultra  75 eur (60 eur with teams with kayaks)
- Light  60 eur (45 eur with teams with kayaks)
- Mountaineering 24 eur
- Fun & Run 17€
- Family race FREE

The teams/individuals are considered registered after they have paid the entry fee.

Payment must be made no later than 03.05.2018.


Schedule – resort Belvedere

Friday May 11

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – sign in

Saturday May 12
7:00 am – 8:00 am – sign in for ULTRA category, deposit of bicycles and kayaks
7:00 am – 9:30 am – sign in for LIGHT category , deposit of bicycles and kayaks
8:10 am – bus departure for ULTRA category
8:45 am – briefing for ULTRA category
9:00 am – start ULTRA category
9:30 am – briefing for LIGHT category
10:00 am – start LIGHT category
14:00 am – 7:30 pm – awards ceremony and pasta party
Sunday May 13
8:00 am – 9:30 am – sign in for Mountaineering and FUN & RUN category
9:00 am - Family race ( TREASURE HUNT )
9:45 am – briefing for CHALLENGER and FUN & RUN category
10:00 am – starts for CHALLENGER and FUN & RUN category
12:00 am – 5:30 pm – awards ceremony and pasta party



Istrian Wine Run d.o.o.
43.istarske divizije 6
52 000 Pazin
OIB: 04032561659

IBAN: HR 15 23400091110714464

In the payment description necessarily write up: name of team - LBC

Any additional necessary informations about the event will be continuously updated and published here on our website.